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AIPLA Women in IP Law Networking Event Video

Please see the video above that was shown during the 2014 AIPLA Women in IP Law Networking Event.


Next AIPLA Women in IP Lean In Meeting will be held on Thursday March 20

Our next AIPLA Women in IP Lean In Meeting will be held on Thursday March 20 at 1:15 pm EST.

We are changing the format for our March meeting. Before the call, please watch the two-part video lecture presented by Fred Kofman, Professor of Leadership at the Universidad Francisco Marroquin, titled “Managing Difficult Conversations” and “Practicing a Difficult Work Conversation.” The call will begin at 1:15pm.

This lecture is a two-part video focusing on how to remain true to yourself while also opening up to your counterpart. During the call, the floor will be opened up for a discussion where members can ask questions, comment and share their experiences.

The lecture can be accessed by signing in to your Lean In account at: https://circles.leanin.org/spaces/67302/, and clicking on the link titled “Expert Lectures.”

If you are not yet a member of our Women in IP Law Lean In Circle and are interested in joining, please email Jessica Ergmann at Jessica.Ergmann@draeger.com and she will send you an invitation to join as well as the dial-in information for the meeting.

Thank you,

Debora Plehn-Dujowich

Stop by the Women in IP Committee Booth at the Mid-Winter Institute Expo

Women in IP logo2

If you are attending the MWI in Phoenix, please visit the Women in IP Booth on Friday, between 3:30 and 4:30. We have a video and giveaways that may help you keep your balance.

Upcoming AIPLA Women in IP Law Networking Event

The AIPLA Women in Intellectual Property (“IP”) Networking Event is being held for the seventh year on Thursday, May 22, 2014. The event is a simultaneous meeting of women located in the U.S. and/or abroad who practice IP law and/or are regularly faced with IP issues in the course of ordinary business. In this regard, numerous events are concurrently held in various domestic and foreign locations by law firms and/or corporations. These events may include a seated dinner, a cocktail party, passed hors d’hoeuvres, or other type of gathering. At 8:30PM EST, all of the events are joined together via a teleconference and/or video conference. During the conference, the AIPLA President and Executive Director address all of the guests and speak briefly about various AIPLA and IP related issues. The Chair and Vice-Chair of AIPLA’s Women In IP Committee also speak briefly. In addition, there is a roll call of all of the participating cities.

For more information regarding networking event locations please see the AIPLA Women in IP Law microsite HERE.

Carol Thorstad-Forsyth

Elise J. Selinger

First AIPLA Women in IP Lean In Meeting

We will be having our first monthly AIPLA Women in IP Lean In meeting on Thursday January 23, 2014, at 1 pm EST. The topic of our first meeting will be Power & Influence. Following our first meeting, we plan to meet every month on roughly the Third Thursday of each month. We will alternate the meeting times between 1 pm EST and 3 pm EST to try to accomodate all of our members.

If you are already a member of our AIPLA Women in IP Lean In group, you will receive an Outlook invite with instructions on how to log in to the Lean In webiste for Women in IP, and with dial-in numbers for our teleconference. You will also receive the materials for the meeting.

If you are not yet a member of our AIPLA Women in IP Lean In group, please contact Jessica Ergmann at jessica.ergmann@draeger.com and she will send you an invitation to join.

Thank you and if you have any questions regarding our new Lean In group please contact Debora Plehn-Dujowich at debora.plehn-dujowich@dbr.com or Jessica Ergmann at jessica.ergmann@draeger.com.

Women in IP Law Committee Lean-In Circle

Dear AIPLA Women in IP Law Committee Members,
On behalf of the AIPLA Women in IP Law committee, I invite you to join our Lean In Circle. Lean In provides a forum for peers to meet, learn and share together. Our circle meetings will be a monthly brown-bag lunch, beginning in January 2014. A typical meeting would include a short, online video lecture, followed by an open group discussion. The lectures cover a range of fascinating topics related to empowering women in the workplace. So bring your lunch to work, kick back at your desk, and join your peers for an educational and exciting lunch hour!
If you would like to join our Lean In Circle, please reply to Jessica Ergmann at jessica.ergmann@draeger.com!
Thank you for your support, and the Women in IP Law committee looks forward to launching our Lean In Circle!

Warm Regards,
Jessica Ergmann