The Women in IP Committee of the AIPLA is pleased to announce RICHA PANDEY as a Woman to Watch!

Richa Pandey

The Women to Watch Series was established by the Women in IP Committee as an avenue to recognize women within the AIPLA community for excellence and accomplishments. Through a peer-nomination process, the Women to Watch Series strives to honor women who have created their own paths, who lead through strong examples, and who are achieving successes as a result of their choices and leadership, but who may not be widely known in the AIPLA community.

We are pleased to introduce Richa Pandey, in her own words:

Years working in IP: 16 years

Years with current organization: 5 years

Current location: Gurugram, India

Current role: Partner

What I do: I have been actively doing patent prosecution and have prosecuted hundreds of cases with favorable outcomes. Apart from that I have also done due diligence, patentability opinions and strategic counseling. Besides these, I have also successfully prosecuted several patent oppositions and litigations. Presently, I would say that my forte is portfolio management. As an individual, I have been a voluntary blood donor for years. I also employ my free time to work with spastic children.

Previous roles: My previous roles were mainly in patent prosecution & patent litigation.

Years and involvement with AIPLA: I was initially introduced to AIPLA in the year 2005. However, I have been a regular attendee of AIPLA for the past five years. I have organized and hosted the AIPLA Women in IP Global Networking event in India.

Q. What was the best professional decision you ever made?

A. The best professional decision was to pursue intellectual property as my career. It has been a very self-satisfying journey wherein I have been able to explore my expertise in both science and law. Furthermore, the pro bono work with a lot of students and institutions makes me feel that I have been an essential cog in the developmental wheel of technology.

Q. What was the worst professional decision you ever made?

A. The worst professional decision I made was to limit myself. In my given role, I was not challenged enough. I felt I wasn’t able to reach my full potential because of a real lack of challenge. At times one becomes complacent with one’s role and I did allow myself to persist in such a role, which was the worst professional decision I could have made.

Q. What would you consider your greatest professional achievement so far?

A. My greatest professional achievement has been the ability to carve out a niche for myself, transcending across boundaries of gender, nationalities, and different streams of intellectual property.

Q. In your opinion, what could women be doing better to advance their careers?

A. It is important that one should realize that we are professionals and each one of us have our own limitation and our own potential which is specific and special to our own persona and does not overlap with any other person. Recognizing the same will go a long way in actualization of our career goals.

Q. What is the best advice you have received?

A. The best advice I have received was “Don’t be a treetop flyer”.

More about Richa:

If they bottled my personality, the label would read:

A. “I am that.”

Something I said I’d never do, but did anyway:

A. I have always believed that one should walk away from situations that are irredeemable. However, I have been guilty of persisting when the best decision would have been to move forward.

One thing people are surprised to find out about me:

A. I am an Indian and am completely different from the stereotyped image of an Indian woman that they envisioned.

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