Call for AIPLA QJ Editorial Board Applicants!

AIPLA is currently seeking members interested in serving on the Editorial Board for its AIPLA Quarterly Journal. Applications must be received by August 31, 2015.
The Editorial Board consists of 19 members, including the Editor-in-Chief (who serves as Chair), two “ex officio” members (AIPLA’s Deputy Executive Director of Legal Affairs, and a member of the Board of Directors), and 16 regular members, who serve three-year non-renewable terms. The primary duties of the Editorial Board include:
• soliciting manuscripts for submission to the Quarterly Journal;
• reviewing manuscripts submitted to the Quarterly Journal;
• selecting reviewed manuscripts for publication; and
• editing manuscripts for substantive content.
Each year, one-third of the Editorial Board is replaced with new members, whose terms begin in November of that year, following the AIPLA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. All AIPLA members who are lawyers are eligible.
For further information on applying to serve as a member of the AIPLA Quarterly Journal Editorial Board:


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