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Registration for the next Women in IP Webinar is now open

Title: Raising Your Profile: How to Leverage your Cognitive Qualities and Tune in to the Strengths of Others for Greater Success

Date/Time: February 24, 2014 @12:30PM

The webinar will address different interaction and decision-making styles, including strengths and weaknesses of each and how others may perceive them. The listeners will learn how to more accurately understand others, use individual cognitive thought patterns to relieve conflicts and succeed in negotiations, increase individual and team productivity and efficiency, and improve communication and relationships with colleagues, clients, and friends.
Our speaker is Ritu Chander, a noted Certified Movement Analyst (CMA) and Movement Pattern Analyst (MPA) and the founder and President of the Next Move LLC. Her guest is Marcia Petit, an Innovation Manager of PureCircle Limited.


Wake up! Time for the Women in IP Law Br

Wake up! Time for the Women in IP Law Breakfast THIS MORNING 7-9am.

Lean In/Lean Out – Step Up at the Women

Lean In/Lean Out – Step Up at the Women in IP Law Breakfast 7-9am Fri. Jan. 30 at the Mid-Winter Institute. #WomeninIP