Upcoming AIPLA Women in IP Law Networking Event

The AIPLA Women in Intellectual Property (“IP”) Networking Event is being held for the seventh year on Thursday, May 22, 2014. The event is a simultaneous meeting of women located in the U.S. and/or abroad who practice IP law and/or are regularly faced with IP issues in the course of ordinary business. In this regard, numerous events are concurrently held in various domestic and foreign locations by law firms and/or corporations. These events may include a seated dinner, a cocktail party, passed hors d’hoeuvres, or other type of gathering. At 8:30PM EST, all of the events are joined together via a teleconference and/or video conference. During the conference, the AIPLA President and Executive Director address all of the guests and speak briefly about various AIPLA and IP related issues. The Chair and Vice-Chair of AIPLA’s Women In IP Committee also speak briefly. In addition, there is a roll call of all of the participating cities.

For more information regarding networking event locations please see the AIPLA Women in IP Law microsite HERE.

Carol Thorstad-Forsyth

Elise J. Selinger


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