Upcoming National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) Webinar

NAWL Management Series:
To be Viewed as a Leader, You Must Communicate Like One. A Practical Guide on Effective Communication to Clients and Stakeholders Within Your Organization.

A Skills-Based Workshop on Leading Through Persuasive Communication

December 10, 2013 | 11:00—12:00 PM Pacific/2:00—3:00 PM Eastern

This interactive webinar presented by The Fullbridge Program will focus on providing practical advice and skill-building to help in-house counsel, associates and partners alike effectively communicate with and persuade clients and key stakeholders within their organizations. Any professional’s ability to have influence internally and with clients is enhanced – or limited – by his or her ability to communicate effectively. By combining the business communication framework of Top Down Thinking (TDT) with core persuasive communication styles and channels (for instance, the channels of authority, rationality or relationships), participants will gain insight on how to communicate effectively while also drawing on their own inherent persuasive styles. A discussion of the six primary persuasive channels as well as insight on effective inter-generational communication will close the session.

The Fullbridge Program is an innovative business education and professional skills program specifically designed to accelerate practical and theoretical business knowledge and professional skills for lawyers.

Rya Conrad-Bradshaw, Director of College and XBA Partnerships, The Fullbridge Program
Carrie Fletcher, Director of Professional Development Programming, The Fullbridge Program

REGISTER HERE: http://mp163422.cdn.mediaplatform.com/163422/wc/mp/4000/15208/15212/30749/Lobby/default.htm?ref=ProductionTeamEmail


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