An E-Reader’s Review of “Pushback” by Selena Rezvani

Despite all of our progress and growing self-assurance, women still don’t like to negotiate aggressively. That’s according to Selena Rezvani, author of a new book entitled ‘Push back’. It’s not exactly a eureka-worthy proposition, but it is one that merits repeating ….again.

Rezvani proposes two main reasons for our reluctance to embrace a push back style of negotiation. The first is that we tend to place a higher value on relationships than on agenda. The second is our general tendency towards perfection.

Whether or not you agree with Rezvani’s assessments, existence of the problem cannot be denied. In reading Rezvani’s book, I found her approach to tackle the problem to be deliberate and purposeful. The book is organized so that Rezvani can lead the reader along a path to comfortably push back during a negotiation. Rezvani reminds the reader why she must push back, guides her to discover her push back style, and then teaches the tools she needs to execute her negotiation. The tools include detailed instructions on how to move through each of the four steps: prepare psychologically, do homework, manoeuvre through the negotiation itself and follow up post negotiation.

Rezvani also conducted several interviews to uncover advice and inspiration from women who have successfully pushed back in their own careers. She intertwines these wonderful words of wisdom amongst the practical tools she teaches. The result is a book that satisfies both the how to push back and the inspiration to push back.

While the title of the book seems to suggest a purely raw, almost macho approach to negotiation, Rezvani beautifully balances the fact that a woman must push back in her career with the acceptance that relationships are to be valued. She writes “…a true negotiation relies on interdependence. We need to convince and work with the other side to get what we want”.

While Rezvani isn’t breaking new ground with this book, she is still doing a great service to women by forcing us to continually remember that we have a responsibility to manage our own careers and to push back. She helps the reader fight the need for perfectionism and shows her how to push back without de-valuing the relationship with the other negotiating party.

E-reader’s Opinion: If you find yourself with a negotiation on the horizon, reading this book could help improve your skills to maximize that negotiation. Even if you feel you have the practical skills to push back, the advice from the women that Rezvani interviewed might serve to elevate and uplift you before heading into that negotiation.

Your E-reader reviewer is Hetal Kushwaha, Liaison – International Practice, Marks & Clerk Canada. She would like to emphasize that this is just her opinion and it is not intended to represent the views of Marks & Clerk, Canada. She can be reached at


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5 responses to “An E-Reader’s Review of “Pushback” by Selena Rezvani”

  1. Carolin Shining says :

    Thank you for the review – I’m ordering the book right now. Every single time I’ve negotiated for more salary or a bigger bonus, I’ve gotten all or at least some of what I wanted. But timing and skill are still important. I’m getting very good at the first counter, but I need more skill and ideas for the follow-up counters. Looking forward to reading this.

    • Hetal Kushwaha says :

      Thank you, Carolin. I hope that if you work through the steps outlined in the book, you can achieve your goal. I’d love to hear what you think of the book. And good luck.

  2. Selena Rezvani says :

    Thank you Hetal for taking the time to thoughtfully review ‘Pushback’ as you’ve done. I appreciate hearing all of your feedback on how well the book equipped you to negotiate.

  3. Amplify Law says :

    While that might be the majority based on research – there are certainly many woman who hold their own in the negotiating room. Gender bias still exists – mostly at the older generations (and results in awkward exchanges at times) – but its certainly welcome to see more woman having the opportunity to lead sophisticated negotiations on the legal world. It should continue. Even more important when it comes to managing your own career and life (true of any gender).

  4. Valentine Bonnaire says :

    Thank you, I read the post. Very glad to have found your blog In WP. You are right about negotiating and behavior. Thank you for the read.

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