Women in IP Law Free Webinar on Color Q Personality Power is on June 4th

Personality Power

Please see the announcement posted below regarding the Women in IP Law FREE webinar on Color Q Personality Power that will take place on June 4th: LINK.

For more information on the Color Q Personality system that was developed by our speaker Shoya Zichy, you may refer to her book “Personality Power”:

Discover Your Unique Profile—and
Unlock Your Potential for Breakthrough Success

Readers of all personality types will find specific strategies to help them:
• Leverage their unique work-related strengths and beware of their potential blind spots.
• Define their ideal work environment and eliminate (or, at least, minimize) the stressors most likely to provoke exasperation or anger.
• Adjust smoothly to the workplace styles of others and avoid personality clashes.
• Choose the best words and communication approaches to get through to bosses, get along with team collaborators, and coach employees of different styles.
• Create a personal career roadmap complete with concrete steps for achieving their goals…and much more.
Shoya Zichy
Seminar Leader & Career Coach
Author: New Book: Personality Power
Creator: Award-Winning Color Q Personality Model
(212) 755-2849

Website: www.ColorQPersonalities.com
Blog: www.ColorQPersonalities.com/blog


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