AIPLA Mid-Winter Meeting Women in IP Breakfast Announcement

Mid-Winter Institute

The Women in IP Breakfast will take place on Friday February 1 from 7-9 am at the Mid-Winter Institute in Tampa, FL!  Here is a description of the panel presentation that will be offered: How to Prepare For and React To Changes in a Legal Environment.

In today’s legal market, due in part to the increase in firm mergers, acquisitions and closures, attorneys may be likely to change jobs several times over the course of their careers. As many attorneys entered into their legal careers at a time when such moves were not commonplace, they may be unequipped to anticipate and prepare for these types of job changes and career shifts.

As such, the Women in IP Committee will present a panel at the AIPLA Mid-Winter Institute on how to prepare for and react to changes in a legal environment. Specifically, the panel will address challenges faced by female attorneys in a merger, acquisition, or firm closure. The panel will discuss anticipating and navigating changes in firm culture, deciding to stay or leave, finding a new opportunity, as well as leveraging continuing education and networking opportunities.

Hear panelists: Meg Boulware, Mercedes Meyer, Amie Peele-Carter, Arlene Neal and Janet Gongola discuss these issues and more.


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