Report on the Mid-Winter Institute Women in IP Breakfast

The AIPLA Women in IP Committee held a breakfast at the Mid-Winter Institute in Las Vegas.  The breakfast was organized by Mercedes Meyer, and was sponsored by Drinker Biddle.  Hathaway Russell went over the various activities of the Committee, such as the upcoming Networking event that will take place on Wednesday May 8, 2012.  Please see our earlier post for more information.  Hathaway also discussed the online activities of the Women in IP Committee, such as the work done on the newsletter, LinkedIn and FacebookDebora Plehn-Dujowich then introduced the new Women in IP blog, which you are reading right now.

Myra McCormack from Johnson&Johnson then led the group in a session of chair yoga.  She explained how yoga and meditation have changed her life for the better, and how important it is to develop a yoga and/or meditation practice to help reduce stress and anxiety.  She showed a video demonstrating how anyone can do yoga at her desk.  Then she showed a video which led us in an exercise in meditation and visualization.  The event was a big success, and I am sure many became yoga and meditation converts.

Please see our earlier post for great photos from the Women in IP Breakfast.


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