Upcoming Free Webinar for AIPLA Women in IP Committee Members on February 28th




Overcoming Client Development Challenges for Women Lawyers

Free Webinar on February 28th 2012 at 12:30 pm EST

Open to all AIPLA Women in IP Committee Members

All lawyers have challenges developing business and clients, whether as firm partners, associates or in-house counsel.   Many of us have similar issues and concerns, yet we may not be comfortable discussing them with others, or know whom to ask or how to ask for help.  This free and unique Webinar will address several of the key challenges that women face.  Instead of a formal presentation, this webinar is designed to be engaging and interactive.  With the help of our facilitator, Stewart Hirsch of Strategic Relationships, a nationally recognized speaker and writer on business/client development topics, and members of the AIPLA Women in IP Law Committee, the webinar will address several business development challenges, including some of the following areas:

 Time and Timing

a.  I am an associate/junior counsel – when should I start doing business development?
b.  My firm emphasizes billable hours and quantity of legal work – where do I find time to do business development?
c.  How should I best utilize my network to develop client relationships?

 Personal Confidence and Reluctance

a.  I am not comfortable asking for business.
b.  I do not like asking for help from others – it is too imposing.
c.  I do not want to be too pushy.
d.  I am from another country and my accent is strong.
e.  What relationships do I need to develop as an in-house lawyer?
f.  My friends are becoming leaders in companies – how do I approach them without being too pushy?
g.  What do I do if I am a member of a team, and I am the only woman?
h.  What do I do if I need to attend a business lunch/dinner or other event alone with my contact who is a man?  Are there issues to be concerned about?


a.  I do not have a budget – do I have to pay for this myself?

b.  How can I convince my firm/organization to invest in me?

c.  Are there alternative approaches to obtaining reimbursement?

 Expertise and Knowledge

a.  I just made partner and my firm expects me to start bringing in business – what should I do?

b.  I do not feel I have enough expertise to sell myself.

c.  How do I find a good mentor for business development?  

 If you have faced any of these issues or are facing them now, this Webinar is for you.  Our facilitator Stewart Hirsch and our peers Baila H. Celedonia (Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman, P.C.), Maya M. Eckstein (Hunton & Williams, LLP), Maria Eliseeva (Houston Eliseeva, LLP), and Randi L. Karpinia (Motorola Solutions, Inc.) will share their experience, provide tips, and give us food for thought and maybe some answers that will help us be more confident and succeed.  The webinar will be moderated by Debora Plehn-Dujowich (Drinker Biddle, LLP).

 If you would like us to address your personal client/business development challenges, please send your questions to Yelena Morozova (yxm@cll.com) or Stewart Hirsch (s.hirsch@strategicrelationships.com) and we will try to address as many as we can during this program. Your name will be held in confidence.

This free webinar is open to all AIPLA Women in IP Committee Members.  Not a member?  Join now and you will receive an invitation to register for the webinar.  Once you have joined AIPLA make sure to sign up for the Women in IP Committee to be put on our mailing list.


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